Introduction to the Hope-Lit Database

Welcome to the Hope-Lit database. This database contains nearly 4500 articles and books specific to hope. The database is intended to be as comprehensive as possible and to support hope research and practice around the world. The database is maintained by Hope Studies Central at the Faculty of Education,
University of Alberta.

Hope_Lit Database

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Using the Database

The Hope-Lit Database currently contains references but no abstracts. The database is designed to be searched in two possible ways.

To find a list of topics, click on the link above entitled ‘Enter Hope-Lit Database’. With this option you can search the database like the index of a book. By clicking on any topic you can view a list of related references which can then be printed to create a bibliography.

Alternatively, you can search the Hope-Lit database using the domain specific Google search found below. Using this method, the search will identify any elements of this database that contain the term you have entered. The search results will link you to pages on this database where you will find the search item indicated in bold. Using your browser's search function (ctrl-F or cmd-F) you can then search each page for the requested term.

Database Legend

HSC at the end of a citiation = held onsite in the Hope Studies Central Library.


Google Search functions well using Chrome browser.


Acknowledgements: Academic references on this site are updated quarterly by Bev Sohnle. The Hope-Lit database was initially created by Ms. Jennifer O’Brien, a research assistant at the Hope Foundation of Alberta under the supervision of Dr. Denise Larsen , Ms. Wendy Edey , and Ms. Lenora LeMay. We also gratefully acknowledge the creation of this website by Mr. Steve Swettenham and Ms. Mayra Gondim.

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Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta
Team Lead, Hope Studies Central
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